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HR Policies & Practices:

HR Policies & Practices at SHANI are most contemporary and designed to empower the employees for their Career Growth while achieving Organizational Objectives. 

Work Culture :
To enjoy the work, for an employee, the work culture of the organization plays a vital role. The people working are the real force behind any success, which makes the culture adopted in the place of work even more important. The management of ‘Shani’ well understands this and adopts an open approach for accessibility. This is regardless of employee skill, experience or position. The employees can approach management if they face any difficulty. It is transparency that ‘Shani’ believes  in. 

The recruitment of an efficient employee does not end the responsibility of the management. The manpower needs to be trained well for effective outcome. At ‘Shani’, the employees are given the product and general training. The training procedure equips them to function competently in their jobs. 

The performances of the employees are accessed in a very systematic way. The performance management system at ‘Shani’ is a transparent method designed for setting objectives, evaluating performances and determining the development needs of all employees. The rewards are linked to the performance of the employees. In addition to the annual performance appraisal, the employees are also given recognition and awards for their contribution to the growth of the organization. 

All jobs at ‘Shani’ have their defined Key Result Areas (KRA). All performances are measured against the KRA of an individual.  


While, company provides scientific systems for performance enhancements and career growth, it endeavors   to build the teams that is highly motivated with various Employee Engagement initiatives such as Employee’s Birth-Day Celebrations, various festivals and the fun filled Annual Conference.

Induction Process:
The most scientifically designed Induction Process  enables new employees get acquainted with various as aspects of  the company,  their jobs, policies & procedures and settle in the organization in most comfortable  & effective manner.


Buddy Allocation:
In addition to Induction Process as above, a very friendly approach is practiced by ‘Shani’ to make a new employee settle comfortably. A buddy will help a new employee understand his / her tasks and with whom a new employee can get other work related querries sorted out. This helps the new recruit to settle with ease.


Employee Benefits/Privileges:
'Shani’, in line with their core belief of taking care of their employees, provides with the benefits & privileges such as  Health Care Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance etc. for its employees.

The company encourages its employees to make use of technology for betterment of their life. ‘Shani’ offers privileges to all its employees by easing the availability of Desktop/ Laptop PC marketed by the company at cost price. 


The employees are also provided on request, the help of external specialists for planning of Income Tax, Investment, & Insurance and many more. 

Work-Life Balance:

The management understands the need of an employee to maintain the balance between the work and family life. Therefore it encourages the employees to leave two hours earlier than the scheduled time on the occasions like employee’s wedding anniversary, birthdays of self, spouse & children. 

The company also encourages all its employees to avail of atleast one-week annual vacation with family. 


Rewards & Recognition:

In addition to the annual performance appraisal, salary increment and promotion, the employees are given recognition, awards and rewards as acknowledgement of their ongoing contribution in various areas apart from their core job functions too. Few important initiatives practiced are:

Best Employee Award:
This award is based on the analysis made on the quality of work, sense of responsibility, team spirit, and time management. Best Suggestion Award 

The employees are encouraged to give suggestion on different areas such as customer satisfaction, image enhancement, cost & performance optimization etc. Every quarter these suggestions are evaluated by the directors. Based on the value and practical implementability of the suggestion, this award is declared.

Employee Referral Reward :
The management of ‘Shani’ is of the opinion that the internal employees are the best sources in suggesting suitable candidates for a vacant position. The vacancy is communicated internally through e-mail and if the referred candidate is selected then the employee who made the reference, is rewarded by the management. 

Performance Management System:
It is the performance of the employees that is the core criteria for deciding the rewards. The performance being the vital factor the Performance Management System is designed to give this factor a perfect dimension. The Performance Management System at ‘Shani’ is designed in scientific yet simple & as transparent manner. The system aims at setting objectives, evaluating performance and determining the developmental needs of all employees at regular interval in addition to attractively rewarding for performance.

Employee Development Policy :
Shani has a very professionally designed development policy for the employees. This equips them to come out with their best.              

The employees are deputed by the company for training in new products and the systems introduced by the principals. The employees are also deputed for training in the areas of management and other self-development areas based on the requirement. 

Shani encourages the employees desiring to study further. The employees can enroll in university and other institute, at their own expenses & avail guidance from their colleagues and seniors whenever possible. 

Employee Relationship:
The management of Shani follows an easy-to-approach relationship with their present and ex-employees. The management adopts an open approach. The employees can approach the management, if they need any guidance for career counseling or general matters. It gives the management team of Shani immense pleasure to know the progress of its employees and if required make an attempt to be helpful in the same.

In nutshell, it is employee friendliness and individual development oriented approach of the HR Policy that makes the work culture of ‘Shani’ the most admired one amongst the employees and in the industry.

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